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     CD: Timeless Love, ode to Arthur van Schendel. a € 15.00 


     An answer have I Not

     Moonlight over the Garden

     Song for Poets and Everybody

      Silent Afternoon


     For me Arthur van Schendel is a great storyteller, and his stories are very often confirmations of a desire for 'Timeless  Love'. I've loved his work for a long time and I still re-read some of his books. Somehow I recognize his inner images, I don't know how...


     His work is romantic, free from judgement, serene, wise, and gives images of the past. It seems like if the material world, the dream, the fantasy and the spiritual life is all one. It all belongs, with no boundaries to the reality of live!


     Between the lines I sometimes see the indescribable language of the soul of the poet. I'm so greatful that he wrote so many books... Because of his poetic imagery, by which he gives life to in his books, I was inspired to make music, and these songs.

     Today, when there is so much materialism in people's thinking and action, I can imagine that Arthur might give some answers to the questions people have.



     MP3 & PDF Timeless love, ode to Arthur van Schendel

     Digitaal album met veel foto's en songteksten!

     Verzending via "wetransfer" als PDF & MP3 a € 8.50


     MP3 Timeless love, ode to Arthur van Schendel 

     De live concertuitvoering, Paul Vens met Herman Verheijen

     65 min. met voorgelezen verhalen van Arthur van Schendel 

     Verzending via "wetransfer" als  MP3 a € 8.50

    CD: Serenity, voice of the Heart a € 15.00 

      1.  Voice of the Heart

      2.  Madame Mimi

      3.  Ma fille et la rose

      4.  Key of the Gate II


        CDDaughters of Light ( Klankschalen) a € 15.00 


         The call from inside  

     Song for the Birds   

       Peace of the Heart

       Mother & Daughter


       CD: Playing in the Fields: (The concert playlist) a € 15.00            


       Playing in the Fields 

  If it be your Will (Video)

  When the morning comes.

  When I See

      CD: OPEN inspired by the Nag Hammadi Books & Tibet a € 15.00 


      My love  

      Sunday Morning

      Blue Troubadour   (Video)

 For the unborn (Video)

  CD: Words in Time a € 15.00


  My daughter and the Rose


  How long?  (Video)

  Little Apple Tree


         CD: Son to the Father a € 10.00



      Father and Son (Video)

      Kinder Jorn     

       Beautiful frozen Landscape   



CD: Earliest Light a € 10.00 


Shelter from the Storm (B Dylan)

Seems we know each other so long

When I see




CD: Mystical Moon (collection'80-'90) 

Down and Up


Country life

Antonius (Het enigste Nederlandstalige lied)

When the sun comes up