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Paul Biography


In his early years as a child, Paul discovered the magic of nature and started looking for ways to express these experiences. 

When he was ten years old, he played his first chords on a selfmade wooden guitar.

Later painting and writing also became ways of expressing his experiences.


He made his first three albums for recordcompany Oreade/Warner.

His music could then be released all over the world. 


The Albums: “Promise”, “Aquarius” and “Son to the Father”. These albums have mainly very open, clear, instrumental work. Very special is the way he creates silence between the notes.

The longing for pure freedom of creativity finally pushed him in the direction of his own independent musiclabel.

Now, already 9 albums have been released through this label, as well as a couple of booklets and prints of his paintings.


At the end of the last century Paul discovers the Tibetan Singing Bowls through a friendship with an old priest. The Tibetan Singing Bowls have thereafter played an important role in his musical journey, they have become part of his music and concerts. The Singing Bowls are known to be able to shift one’s presence from thinking to feeling and Paul has had special experiences in using these bowls in ‘experiencing sound’ workshops with the mentally handicapped. 



In Holland and Belgium Paul writes articles about the Tibetian Singing Bowls, Music and Nature.

Paul Vens & Friends play their music for Radio Stations all over the world, and they have concerts in France, Germany, Belgium and Holland.




Timeless Love, Ode to Arthur van Schendel (Dutch Writer 1874-1946) 

Serenity, Voice of the Heart

Playing in the Fields, the concert playlist

Words in Time: A very special Journey to Aurora 

Daughters of Light: With Singing Bowls for rest and peace

Open: Songs about Inayat Kahn, Nag Hammadi, Tibet

Earliest Light: Lovesongs, or search for the earliest light 

The White Lake: Songs about the Nag Hammadi, Katharen, Troubadours-songs

Aquarius: Instrumental, light and transparant

Promise: Instrumentals and very quiet folky songs




About the 'Singing Bowls' 


For many years I've have  given concerts with the Tibetian Singing Bowls. 

My audience has been people with a mental handicap, elderly dement people and Alzheimer clients in the last phases of their life. What I hope to create is rest, relaxation, personal attention and a new kind of communication, without words, just sound.

Especially for people who have no possibilities anymore for ‘normal’ communication,  for the many “silent people”.


 Why Singing Bowls?


More and more I see “Silent People”, for whom talking is no longer possible. Something within me wants to create a form of communication, wants to be a listening ear for them. The singing Bowls help me to hear more, understand better what the other person wants to say. They help me to touch the other without words.

The Singing Bowls are made in Tibet and express, in a serene and subtle way, many high and low tones. You won’t hear melodies, rhythms or well-known structures in the concerts, but it is possible that the listener will have an experience of silence, a more intense inner rest.

The listener can relax physically and mentally, they can feel the improved circulation of warmth, blood, energy which can create a harmonious connection to the environment, the cosmic unity. This may create inner silence or healing, an abandonment to the inner world.


Different reactions


The reactions of different listeners are different, but there is always an effect. 

Some people discover a blush on their cheeks, arrive in an atmosphere of wondering about the feelings that the Singing Bowls create. The unique vibration of the singing bowls create a unique movement within the body of the listeners, which cannot be created by other instruments or sounds! People who can still talk about this experience in the ‘normal’ way, talk about: abandoning oneself to oneself, to serenity, rest, harmony, relaxation on a deep level, wellness!

Sometimes people really hear a wonderful ‘singing’ somewhere inside. Sometimes the problems that there are, are seen on another level or disappear unexpectedly.

With the dement people in their last days you cannot communicate with words, but by playing the Singing Bowls there is communication in another way. Several times I have seen that the outside world becomes smaller and the inner energy becomes more awake and more essential, with an unusual feeling of unity. Like you have touched an almost forgotten part of human life which is not normally touched in daily life. 


What I see in the life of the people with a mental handicap is a silent, harmonious abandonment to oneself, to the most primordial part of himself, the part that is the source of the spiritual person.

There is the man who wants to hear the sound of the Singing Bowls just before he dies, to make the last step to the other world easier. There is a potential to create silence or healing in emotional fears. Only by a silent and listening presence and the serene sound of the Singing Bowls. 

But every listener has of course his own relationship to himself, there may be limits which prevent a deep abandonment at a certain moment, perhaps people are not in harmony, or do not trust this ‘new world’, the sound of the Singing Bowls. But then sometimes, the second time produces a different effect and more perhaps more intense than the first experience.


Work  in the Care


If you are working in the Care services it can be easier to alter your normal limits a little especially if  you listen more to the inner movement that your client makes.

Maybe you can find a way to accept that there is a world that you cannot see with your physical eyes, but which has a strong influence on our lives. Realize that there are vibrations that you cannot hear but which are working too, like the subtlety of oxygen, you cannot see it, but it is present and  necessary to the processes of life. 

So the energetic world is active and sometimes you can see a change in the inner circulation, resistance lessens, abandonment, silence, harmony…



I learned to discover the effect of the Singing Bowls from a monk, a good friend of mine. And I understood when he said: “what I  cannot say with words, I can say with the sound of these Bowls”. These words were the answer to many questions I had as a musician. 

The moment had arrived and I had found a new way to express my message to other people.  In the moments that I had no words to tell my feelings, I was allready composing instrumental music, but now I’ve found the instruments, which in fact so simply, help me to create an atmosphere of finding openness, silence, unity. 


I have  found a new way to share atmospheres with so many different living creatures. 

In my awareness I have known the open door to intense harmony, silence and borderless love. I re-discovered these feelings again in the sessions with my friend the monk... and now there are moments I feel this again during the sessions with the listeners. With the help of the Singing Bowl vibrations I can invite the other person to the  inner atmospheres which gives me a joyful feeling as I am in real communication with the ‘silent people’!


The fine Vibrations  


Different experiences with different sounds has made it clear that vibration, and music is important for all life and has the force to create forms!

When we learn again that everything  has an energetic charisma, depending on the vitalty of the organisme, and we learn that the human being, you, can be the key to create a positive change in the processes of life. When we discover again the finest vibrations and their influence in the world, respect them and sing and play them with our hearts and soul for ourself and for the other, especially for those who are dependent on our will to communicate with them... it will make our lives more rich! 


Via  and  i–tunes you can find the album:

Daughters of Light”,  an album with Singing Bowls and instrumental music.